Fall vegetarian dinner recipes

Go grab some seasonal fall produce and try out one of these fabulous recipes to celebrate fall.

Early fall: week 1

Instant Pot white bean veggie soup

Early fall: week 2

Garlic swiss mushrooms on toast

Early fall: week 3

Mushroom veggie pot pies

Early fall: week 4

Coconut curry lentils and cauliflower

Mid fall: week 5

Pumpkin lentil soup

Mid fall: week 6

Butternut squash leek soup

Mid fall: week 7

Pumpkin fettuccine alfredo

Mid fall: week 8

Lentil stuffed delicata squash

Mid fall: week 9

Instant Pot vegetable barley soup

Late fall: week 10

Cranberry portobello pot roast

Late fall: week 11

Easy vegan pho

Late fall: week 12

Thai butternut squash soup

Late fall: week 13

Cheese tortellini with onion sauce

Click below to see the full fall recipes guide. 39 recipes using fall seasonal produce to try!